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[edit] Rollie’s May Call Schedule

Image:Fetal 1.jpg
Pulse oximeter for monitoring intraoperative fetal oxygenation (as a surrogate for uteroplacental perfusion) here applied to the externalized fetal left hand.

5/7 Friday Main OR call

5/9 Wednesday Main OR call

5/16 Wednesday Main OR call

5/21 Wednesday Main OR call

5/26 Monday Transplant call

5/30 Wednesday Main OR call

  • Main OR call is in the hospital, overnight, done around 7am.
  • Transplant call is home call (on page) and also ends around 7am.
  • Fetal call is also home call for the infrequent fetal intervention cases at BWH.

How to contact me when I am on call:

Mobile: 617-947-1434

Pager: 617-355-PAGE and enter pager ID 3193 -or- 617-560-9754 direct dial my pager

email: -or-

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