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[edit] The deal


A flat 10% discount for same day orders, with 15% with 24 hour notice. No quantity limits.

He will give a 20% discount for orders of more than 50 pizzas. Call Jesse Singh at 617 876-6969 to find out details.

[edit] How to order

  1. Call (617)876-6969. Alternatively, use their web site. Please use the discount code or discount coupon number sent to you by Jesse Singh.
  2. Remind them that we have a tax exemption on file.
  3. See what is available at: Beauty's Pizza website

[edit] Your experiences

3/2/11 (From Bob): This is one of our non-res tutor's experiences ordering [FYI, I asked her to use JoAnn's number for our account]:

I placed our pizza order today. I could not get Jesse Singh, the contact listed on the Vendor page. The people I talked with said they give a flat 10% rate for Harvard, there's no 15% discount.

Bob, is there a Lev number I can give Beauty's Pizza for the account? I gave them my number as contact but they seemed to want a Harvard number and I think it would be helpful for keeping a vendor relationship with them.