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The following deals are have been negotiated by Leverett House exclusively for the use of tutors, house committees, and house staff for house events only. While we would like to hear about your experiences with these and other vendors, we make no guarantees about the correctness of these prices, the reliability of the vendors, or the quality of their products.


[edit] Vendor Categories

These categories are being updated for Fall 2018. Please contact Amie Vallerie, House Administrator, before making purchases through the preferred vendor program.

[edit] Pizza

[edit] South Asian

[edit] East Asian

[edit] Other

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

[edit] Who runs the program?

The program is run by , the Leverett House Administrator, with help from , the Vendor Initiative tutor.

[edit] Do I need to tip vendors?

Unless otherwise documented for a specific vendor, Leverett House policy is that we recommend delivery tips of 5%, and will reimburse delivery tips of up to 7.5% (in the event of extraordinary delivery service). For the policy in other houses, consult the assistant to the house master.

[edit] Why is Leverett offering this program to other houses?

The more houses that participate, the more buying power we will all have with vendors. That translates to lower food costs and better study breaks for our tutors (and yours.)

[edit] Do tutors have to use these vendors?

Absolutely not! This program is designed to help tutors throw great study breaks within their budget. If you want to make the effort to establish relationships with other vendors, please do so. If you'd like to bring new vendors into the program, please get in touch with us and we'll do our best to make that possible.

[edit] Can any vendor be on this list?

In order for us to get the best prices, we reserve the list for vendors who give us a deal that we deem to be competitive after looking at market prices and comparable discounts from other vendors. Please contact JoAnn if you would like to set up a deal with a new vendor.