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[edit] The Deal

Depending on the number of people, please call Drashti (corporate manager for all their restaurants) at 617-661-6300 and he will negotiate the price for your order with you. He will reduce the price significantly depending on the number of people and the type of food you order. He will work with each tutor if you say you are from Leverett House, Harvard University. He will negotiate all discounts after he receives the order.

You can see their different restaurants and regular prices at: One World Cuisine website. Dosa Factory is in Central Square and has Indian food.

[edit] How to order

  1. Contact Drashti at (617) 661-6300
  2. Mention large order discounts negotiated by Leverett House.
  3. Remind them that we have a tax exemption on file.
  4. 24 hour notice preferred for large lunch or dinner orders. Call to find out how much notice required to be on the safe side.

[edit] Your experiences

Tutors -- Please describe here any positive or negative experiences you have with this vendor.