Inclusion, Diversity, and Community

The Inclusion & Diversity Community is comprised of sub-committees that specialize in areas such as Race Relations, Wellness, BGLTQ, Safety & Accessibility, Student athletes, and HoCo to name a few. IDC duties include helping students with individual incidents and also aiding those hoping to foster a community that values cultural humility and promotes understanding of issues related to inclusion and diversity. At Lev, IDC tutors are sensitive to issues related to identity and safety and are available to all students. 


As IDC coordinator, my role includes responding to outreach efforts by connecting students with the right sub-committee tutor(s) and passing on requests for programming. I can suggest preventative strategies to students and communicate concerns to the Faculty Deans and/or Resident Dean in order to provide support from the House and the College where necessary. I've partnered with the Diversity Peer Educators, CARE, and SHARC students to help facilitate their efforts and would love to hear from anyone interested in topics related to diversity, community, and safety. Reach out to me if you want to ask questions or discuss events and issues or if you just want to share snacks and meals.