Craving pancakes at 3 PM? Pasta on Sunday morning? There is nothing more rewarding than preparing a delicious meal with friends and housemates. The Student Kitchen -- located in the basement (Rabbit's Hole) of McKinlock Hall -- is a perfect resource for making your culinary aspirations a reality. The Student Kitchen is stocked with the basic cooking utensils and staple ingredients -- spices, flour, oil -- and provides students access to an electric stovetop, oven, microwave and refrigerator. The Rabbit Hole also provides a large dining table right outside the kitchen -- ideal for making and sharing a large meal with students. 
Using the student kitchen is easy -- you can pick up a key from the Guard's Office in the Leverett Library Building -- often on short notice. Kitchen Tutors Maggie and Johan are also available and excited to help with any culinary questions, baking aspirations or cooking skills you may want to explore in the space. Maggie and Johan look forward to getting cooking class ideas from students for future programming. 
Lev Loves To Cook – Empanada Making