Lev-Connect (beta) is a web-app designed uniquely for Leverett students that enables them to search, browse and connect with Leverett advisers across a broad range of criteria. With its pragmatic accordion menu and its playful sunburst navigator, it allows for both a quick and effecitve search as well as for general exploration.

Getting Started
After logging in, use the accordion menu on the right or the sunburst navigator in the center to filter the database.


Interacting with the accordion menu or sunburst navigator allows you to drill down to people who have experiences and expertise in the area of your interest. 


Profile View
Your selection will result in a list of experts. If someone is listed with whom you'd like to connect, just send them an email. It's that simple. The email is even propopulated with useful hints.



Login and Register  

Since Lev-Connect is a tool uniquely for Leverett students, you will need to sing up with your Harvard account. The server then checks whether the email you signed up with is affialeted with Leverett. If so, you'll receive an authentication email that provides an activation link. Follow that link, activate your acount and log in.