Living in Leverett House

Lock Out Procedures

  • WEEKDAYS, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm – If a student is locked out, they should contact Mohamed Zaker at the Building Manager’s Office who will be able to help. Mohamed can be reached at mohamed_zaker@harvard.ed or 617-495-2277.

    WEEKENDS (Saturday/Sunday or holidays) from 8 am until 4 pm – the student can call the Alpha Guard Station in Weld Hall at 617-496-9370 to have a security guard sent to their location.

  • EVERY NIGHT from 4 pm through 8 am: Security Guards handle lockouts. Students should go to the following locations if they are locked out during these hours:

    Towers & McKinlock - Security Guard in the Leverett Library building

    20 Dewolfe - Security Guard at 10 Dewolfe on the ground floor

    If the guards are not there, it means that they are doing rounds. Students should wait for ten minutes to see if the guard returns. If they haven’t returned within 10 minutes, the student can call the Alpha Guard Station in Weld Hall at 617-496-9370, who will radio the guard to return to their post.


The Tutor on Call is not responsible for lockouts due to COVID protocols. Please do not call the Tutor on Call for lockout assistance.

Lost Keys and Replacements

Students must request replacement keys from the Building Manager if they report their key lost. Keys lost during the term cost $5 to replace, $15 at the end of the term.

Room Damage and Suite Inspections


At the beginning of the term, you should inspect your suite and note the actual condition of the room. It is your responsibility to email the Building Manager by registration if you notice any damage as you will be responsible for all subsequent damage assessments.


Suites will be inspected periodically during the year and at the end of the academic year. The purpose for inspections is to make sure all rooms comply with safety regulations, to check for needed repairs and that the guidelines noted in this booklet are followed. Inspections during the academic year will be conducted with proper notice if at all possible. Students who violate the facility policy are subject to fines and disciplinary action.

Decorating your Suite

Please make yourself familiar with the following guidelines:

  • No nails, tacks, picture hooks, or other objects that create holes in a surface may be used on walls, doors, moldings, ceilings, or floors.
  • No masking tape, scotch tape, two sided tape, glue-backed corkboards or other adhesives may be used.
  • Only College-provided poster gum ("HOLD IT") or molding hooks and picture wire may be used in these rooms. These supplies are available in the Building Manager's office.

The cost to you of filling in nail or tack holes, sanding and spray-painting one wall will be a minimum of $100 and could be more than $200. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Trash and Recycling Procedures

There is no door-to-door pickup of trash or recycling at Leverett House. Tower residents should take trash to the ground floor and dispose of it in the gray bins located outside the building. McKinlock residents should place trash and recylables in the room LL12 in the lower level by the Rabbit Hole. Please see the Building Manager if you have any questions.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers for House members' use are located in the basements of McKinlock (at the end of rabbit hole) and F and G Towers. Laundry facilities are available 24 hours a day. Use Laundry View to check the availability of washer and dryers.

Machine malfunctions may be resolved by reporting the machine number and problem online, or by emailing the Building Manager. You can report a problem with the Crimson Cash swipe in a laundry room online, or call 617 496-0329 (8am-5pm M-F).