Maintenance and Security Staff

Leverett is very fortunate to have the best custodial staff and guards that help take care of the community!

Maintenance Staff: The custodial staff with Maria P., Maria M., Evelyn, Jose, Oscar and Ever work hard to keep things orderly. Together they have many years of experience here at Leverett! They are instrumental in the day to day function of Leverett House. They are very hardworking, so please do your best to not create more work for them during your time here. If you see them around, say hi. Talking with them will put a smile on both of your faces.


               Jose                                                                          Oscar



                     Maria M.                                                       Maria P.   


                Evelyn                                                                   Ever


Guards: The Leverett Guard’s office is located in the Leverett Library. The guards are here to help you from 4pm to 8am, 365 days a year. If they are not in the office, they are walking around making sure the place is safe. Leverett is very fortunate to have a group of experienced guards dedicated to students’ well-being. On weekdays, Mike is here from 4pm to midnight and Dimitrios is here from midnight to 8am. On the weekends, Joe, Mohammad, and Kristen have the office covered. They have a lot of experience, and you should stop by and say hi when you’re passing by. They are a great part of the team, and we are lucky to have them. Have your ID ready in case you get locked out. Your help making Leverett safe helps everyone. If you see something odd then report it to the guards or call HUP.


                                           Mike (weekday night security guard)