Parties and Forms

Students should act responsibly when hosting social gatherings. The most severe punishments for violations of the College policy (e.g.: suspension or expulsion from the College) arise from serving alcohol to minors, and therefore generally are imposed on hosts of parties. Whether or not alcohol is served, hosts must be residents of the suite which is hosting the party, and must be present at all times during the party. Parties cannot make use of multiple suites, nor can a suite host a party for a student group with which they themselves are not affiliated.

Party Definition

A party needs registration:
  • if you plan to serve alcohol and have more than 10 guests.
  • if there are 15 guests or more (whether you have alcohol or not).  
Remember, gatherings often grow larger than expected, so to be on the safe side: register your party.
Do not allow your gathering to grow beyond the limit, if you have not registered.

Blackout Dates

Blackout dates are dates that parties in the house are not allowed, for a variety of reasons, in addition to school nights. Blackout dates for Fall 2019 are as follows:

  • Aug 26-Sept 5 (move-in + MCATs)
  • Fri Sept 13 (MCAT the following day)
  • Fri Sept 20 (LSAT the following day);
  • Fri Oct 18/Sat Oct 19 (Head of the Charles)
  • Sat Nov 2 (Fall Fest)
  • Nov 27-Dec 1 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Dec 4-Jan 30 (reading period, exams, winter break

Room Parties

Here are two ways to register parties:

  • Expedited online registration (only for students who have completed the training workshop)
  • Leverett Party Form (due Thursday 3pm to Kim in the House office).

Expedited Party Registration

EPR allows you to register and host a party on Friday and Saturday nights with as little as one hour’s notice. 

  • EPR happens online using RoomBook. Students who have gone through training will have a reservation template available called "Leverett Expedited Party Registration".

  • Parties must be registered by 9pm the night they will occur.

  • You will no longer need to turn in a paper form into the House Office by 3 pm on Thursdays.

  • Expedited Party Registration can only be used by a student to host a party in their own room.

To qualify for Expedited Party Registration:

  • 50% + 1 of students in the hosting suite must have completed a safe party hosting training workshop.

  • This training must be completed annually.

Workshop registration:

OSAPR and AODS are offering responsible social hosting practice workshops at designated times this year. The student sign-up forms are below. The deadlines for signing up are 2 pm Friday, 9/6 for the Sat (9/7) and Sun (9/8) workshops and 2 pm Friday, 9/13, for the Sat (9/14) and Sun (9/15) workshops.

The workshops take place from 2 to 4 pm. Each training is 2 hours in length and will include a CARE presentation followed by a DAPA presentation. The focus of the training will be strategies for hosts to create more successful and safe events by thinking through a number of strategies for setting up and managing a successful event from concept to completion.


Attendance will be recorded as follows:

  • As stated on each form, pre-registration does not secure a seat for the training, the first 30 students who arrive and have pre-registered will be able to attend the training. 

  • A signature sheet based on the pre-registration form for each training will be provided so that attendees can sign off after the DAPA presentation that they were present for a training. 

  • The list of students who have signed the form will be provided to the house they indicated when registering during the week following the training.

Party Form Registration

Students/Hosts who have NOT completed the 2hr-minute safe party hosting training workshop need to fill out a party form.

  • Party forms must be signed by the entryway tutor.
  • Party forms are due to Kim in the House Office by Thursday at 3pm.

G-Hutch Party Registration

Yes, you can throw a party in G-Hutch! Here’s how:

  1. Submit an application to use G-Hutch using this online form. This form must be filled out at the lastest by Monday the week before the event. G-Hutch event coordinators will be in contact and let you know if your event is approved.
  2. If your event has been approved, you will fill out and sign the "G-Hutch agreement" available from the house office or online here, and submit a deposit of $50 to the house office.
  3. If you plan to serve alcohol, you must have been through EPR training or you must submit a party form as above, due by Thursday 3pm to the house office.
  4. G-Hutch use requires clean-up after hosted parties. By 10am the next day, all trash should be removed from the space. If alcohol or drinks are served, then students should do a mop and cleaning of the surface areas to remove sticky residue. If G-Hutch still requires clean up after 10am, the deposit is forfeited.
  5. Appropriate cleaning of the G-hutch before/after a party is critical, and will forefit your deposit and ability to use the space if violated. Please be in contact with Paul and his staff beforehand to get cleaning supplies.

G-hutch coordinators can be contacted at