Pre-Law Advising

Welcome to Leverett House's Prelaw Advising Website!

We are here to help you determine if a career in the law is right for you. If you decide to apply to law school, we are committed to helping you navigate through the application process. We are available to advise both current students and Leverett alumni/ae. Initially, the decision about whether or not to apply to law school - and then actually beginning that process - may seem overwhelming. However, with Leverett House's support, we're confident that we can make that process manageable. Our goal at Leverett House is to help those of you who decide to enroll in law school find the school that is the best match for you.

In order to accomplish that goal, please carefully review the information contained in this site and in our Prelaw Student Handbook. Our Prelaw Student Handbook contains almost all the information you need. It walks you through the minutia involved in the application process as well as addresses questions commonly asked by Leverett students considering law school. Additionally, the Handbook discusses broader issues about careers in the legal profession.

What the prelaw committee can do for you

Here's a brief overview of what the Leverett House Prelaw Committee can do for you:

  • Provide general advice if you are a Leverett House current student or alumnus/a contemplating law school;
  • Assign you a prelaw advisor during the summer or early fall of the year in which you intend to apply to law school;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for your prelaw materials, including letters of recommendation you collect during your time as an undergraduate; and
  • Provide information about law-related opportunities.

The Prelaw Committee looks forward to getting to know you as you consider a career in law. Both your Resident Prelaw Tutors and your Nonresident Prelaw Tutors are resources for you. You may read the bios of the Prelaw Committee members here. You are encouraged to contact directly a Nonresident Tutor who shares your interests with questions or an invitation to meet over a meal in the dining hall.

To contact the Prelaw Committee, email

    Junior Deferral Program (JDP)

    The JDP allows students to apply to HLS during their junior year of college, on the condition that they will wait at least two years before attending HLS. Students are eligible if they are 1) currently enrolled as an undergraduate, 2) recognized by their institution as graduating in spring 2019, and 3) committed to deferring enrollment at HLS for a minimum of two years after graduating. HLS will announce deadlines related to the JDP in late summer. In previous years, HLS has opened the application in mid-September, with a due date of February 1. Unlike the regular admissions process, the JDP in the past did not have rolling admissions. All decisions were released in mid-June of the following year, following receipt of the applicants’ grades from spring semester of junior year. All JDP applicants must have taken the LSAT no later than the February administration.

    For more information on the JDP, please see


    Pre-Law Forms

    Pre-law documents can be found below! Waivers for letters of recommendation can be found here.
    leverett_pre-law_student_handbook_2020-21.docx55 KB
    leverett_pre-law_letter_to_recommenders_2020-21.docx473 KB
    leverett_pre-law_checklist_2020-21.docx11 KB