House Facilities

Hi, I'm Mohamed, Building Manager for Leverett.

For maintenance issues such as plumbing, carpentry repairs, broken glass, locks, door problems, etc. e-mail Building Manager Mohamed Zaker or submit a maintenance request, or call (617) 495-2277.

If you still have questions, you can email me or stop by. Mostly I help with all maintenance issues but including mail and security. Remember to give me your room number and description of your problem as well. We try to resolve problems quickly and efficiently so the more information, the better for you and me. Enjoy your time here.



Phone: (617-49)5-2277

Building Manager's Office Hours:
Building Manager = 8AM-4:30PM
Security Guard = 5PM-12:45AM (Mon-Fri)
Security Guard = 5pm-7AM (Weekends)