Janulis Room 


Janulis Room is a hanging out space, and one of the two seminar rooms at Leverett House off the Light Court. This room comfortably seats 10-15 people and it is bookable by Leverett affiliates only through RoomBook


Bren Conference Room 


Bren Room is furnished as a conference room and is one of the two seminar rooms at Leverett House off the Light Court. This room comfortably seats 10-15 people and it is bookable through RoomBook


Junior Common Room (A108)


The JCR is the premier living space of the House! It  is  open 24/7 for Leverett residents to gather, play music,  entertain and be together. It  is where  the  weekly Social Hour and Conway Concerts are held. JCR is not reservable as this is the family room of the House! 


Senior Common Room (A109)


The SCR is located off the atrium adjacent to the JCR.  The Senior Common Room is a Room prioritized for the SCR members and Tutors for quiet space to work, meetings and SCR  activities. All reservations in this space must be escorted by a  tutor or SCR member. Reservations are made through the House Administrator.


The Dining Hall 


The Dining Hall is the heart of the House, it is a great place to spend time and to meet other residents! Generally open 24/7 with exception during the dining hall cleaning time which is 2:00 am to 6:00 am and the doors are closed to allow the cleaning company to work. Otherwise it is open for use as study/hang-out space. Events held in this space: all formal House dinners, including Sophomore Dinner; Senior Dinner; Thesis Dinner; Student-Faculty Dinners; Community Nights on Thursdays; Evening Office Hours for some tutors; Donut Bash; Math Night is held here once a week!


Private Dining Room 


The PDR is prioritized for FDs and tutors. Reservable by Tutors for formal lunches and dinners with Tutor Committee guests,  advising lunches, occasional Faculty Dean special events. Table Talks are hosted here and so is regular Tea Time with the REST tutors. This room is not reservable.


Library Theater (LL10)


State-of-the-art sound and projection system upgraded in collaboration with the Office For the Arts. Space can be requested for rehearsals, performances or other student events (not for dinners and parties). Also used for in-house events, such as movie nights, LevOutLoud,  and special celebrations for sophomores and seniors. Food only allows on special in-House   events such as 100 Days to Commencement and Concentration Declaration Day. The LT is reservable through RoomBook


Music Practice Rooms (LL05, LL06, LL09)


Leverett House has three music practice rooms available in the lower level of Mckinlock near the Art Room. All are soundproofed and two have an acoustic piano. LL09 is optimal for a small ensemble. These rooms do not require reservations; they are first come first served. 


Art Room


The Art Room is located in the lower level of McKinlock Hall right next to the Music Practice Rooms. This room is under the supervision of  the Art Room Tutor, Heather Flaherty.  

It is a spacious room ideal for a wide variety of art forms (from sculpting to paper quilling). The Art Room is kept stocked with basic essentials -- markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue, and construction paper. Period art workshops, projects and craft are held in this room to get your artistic juices flowing. 

Short training and following posted protocol are required for the users;  please contact the Art Room tutor for training information. This room is not reservable and it is only for Leverett residents to use.


Catherine Snow Art Gallery


The long passageway on the lower level of McKinlock Hall is equipped with lighting and a high rail for hanging art in conjunction with exhibits coordinated through the Art Room. Visiting Artists can show their work here.  


Student Kitchen


Craving pancakes at 3 PM? Pasta on Sunday morning? There is nothing more rewarding than preparing a delicious meal with friends and housemates. The Student Kitchen -- located in the basement (Rabbit's Hole) of McKinlock Hall -- is a perfect resource for making your culinary aspirations a reality. The Student Kitchen is stocked with the basic cooking utensils and staple ingredients -- spices, flour, oil -- and provides students access to an electric stovetop, oven, microwave and refrigerator. The Rabbit Hole also provides a large dining table right outside the kitchen -- ideal for making and sharing a large meal with students. 

Using the student kitchen is easy --Short training and following posted protocols are required for the users; please contact the KItchen tutor, Heather Flaherty, for training information. This room is not reservable and it is only for Leverett residents to use. After training you can sign out the key from the Guard's Office in the Leverett Library Building.


Rabbit Hole


This is a large gathering space on the lower level of McKinlock Hall. This is a space for hanging out and relaxing; it is furnished with tables and chairs and a sofa facing a large TV monitor. The student kitchen is located inside the Rabbit Hole. Weekly Steins are held here!


Printer Rooms (A101 in Mckinlock,  and Leverett Library Building)


Leverett House has two printing  rooms; one  located in the Mckinlock building across from the Mills Street entrance elevator and the other in the lower floor of the Leverett Library building.


Leverett Library


The Library is an extraordinary,  architectural award-winning building situated in the gardens of the Towers Courtyard. The top level of this light-filled modern space is lined with book-filled shelves and furnished comfortably with chairs and tables as a quiet space for individual study. The library is for the use of Leverett residents only and is not reservable.  




The F-Hutch is on the first floor of F-Tower. F-Hutch is an open room which is also called the Game Room. It is furnished with a large television monitor, a sofa, a large round card table with chairs, an air hockey table, an arcade cabinet and an open cabinet with  board games. Video Games and controllers are in a locked cabinet;  the key can be signed out with Harvard ID  from the Guard’s office in the library. The residents’ mailboxes are on the back wall. This Room is not reservable.




The G-Hutch is on the first floor of G-Tower. It is a large space furnished with tables and chairs, and is ideal for parties and other events. G-Hutch can be reserved by Leverett students only, following the House protocol for registering parties.  


The G Tower Band Practice Room


The Band Practice Room is in the basement of G-Tower, near the elevators. It is furnished with a drum set, an electric guitar and keyboard and amplifiers. The room is for Leverett students only, and the key can be signed out with Harvard ID from the Guards Office. 


The Jazz/Latin Combo Rehearsal Room 


This rehearsal room is  in the basement of the Library and is prioritized for use by the Harvard Jazz Combo and Latin Ensembles through the Music Department and Harvard Office For the Arts. This room is not reservable.