Room Reservations

Please read the College event guidance here:

Students in Leverett House can reserve for their activities and events the Janulis Common Room, the Light Court Bren Conference Room and the G-Hutch (please check the description of each room under House Facilities).

Reservable areas in Leverett House are available for Leverett resident only by booking via the university-wide system, EMS RoomBook

RoomBook for Leverett House has two reservation templates on their homepage "Leverett House Rooms" and "Leverett House - Library Theater".

The "Leverett House Rooms" template allows students to reserve the Janulis Common Room, the Light Court Bren Conference Room, and the G-Hutch. "Leverett House - Library Theater" allows students to request reservations for the Library Theater.


General Reservation Policies

Room usage is not allowed to continue after a booked time, nor after the space is closed for the day.

All spaces can only be reserved by a student or student group once per day. Using multiple students to reserve longer than the stated time limits is not allowed. Repeated bookings by a small number of students may limit availability; please be conscientious of your fellow students.

All space requests and reservations are subject to discretion by the house for reasons including suitability for the residential environment and community. If you have questions, please contact our House Administrator at

All space reservations are subject to cancellation by the house, tutor on call, or security guard at any time. By reserving a space, you agree to be respectful of--and cooperate with-- House staff. Their word overrides any reservation in RoomBook.

-Janulis Room and Light Court Bren Conference Room

7 days in advance for up 2 hours maximum.

Reservations can be made from Sunday-Thursday from 8am-11 pm and Friday-Saturday reservations from 8am-8pm.


7 days in advance for up to 3 hours maximum.

Reservations can be until 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights and must be approved by the House Administrator

Alcohol (21+) is permitted. Snacks are permitted. Limit of 10 people for non-sponsored events with reservation made by Leverett 21+ student if alcohol is to be served. Sponsored events may host up to 30 people. May be reserved for gatherings until 2 am, Friday and Saturday. A $50 deposit is required for events with alcohol, to be given to the House Administrator. Students may request cleaning supplies from the Building Manager and the deposit will be returned following inspection of the space the morning after an event.

-Library Theater

7 days in advance for up to 3 hours maximum.

Reservations can be from 11am -11pm on Friday and Saturday and must be approved by the House administrator. . The Library Theater is equipped for rehearsal, performance and meetings. It is not for parties.

All use of the Library Theater must be approved by the House. Students should wait until they receive confirmation for a reservation before promoting an event for the Library Theater. Reservations must be submitted *at least* 48 hours in advance to ensure you receive a confirmation on your reservation. Snacks are permitted but not alcohol. Sponsored events may be up to 40 people. To maximize opportunities for reservations, repeated reservations by the same group or for the same event for the LT cannot be accommodated.

The Library Theater is a unique resource available to the Leverett House community. In order to maintain this resource for the community, requests for the Library Theater are evaluated on the suitability for the space as well as the need for the Library Theater as compared to other house spaces.

-Towers Courtyard.

Registration with the House Administrator is required for use for gatherings of 25 or more people. Food but not alcohol is permitted. Registration notifies the House of the gathering but does not give exclusive use of the Courtyard. Event noise must not exceed conversational levels and must end by 11pm on any day of the week out of courtesy for the residents and neighbors.


General Usage Responsibilities

All of the following policies are the liability and responsibility of the person who makes the space reservation, up to and including term billing and loss of space privileges.

Designating a student group or another individual as the primary contact for the event does not shift this responsibility. By making a reservation, you agree to be liable for the event happening in the space and agree that you will be present for the entire event.

Damage or unusual wear and tear on spaces is a significant burden on the house. Damage to the spaces is not allowed, and will result in term billing and loss of space privileges.

If you arrive at a space and find damage or another misuse of space (left food, mess, etc.) please report this immediately to the Building Manager Mohamed Zaker (


Event Assistance

If you have needs for tables and chairs for an event, please reach out to Building Manager Mohamed Zaker ( at least 72 hours before your event. Mohamed will be able to give you access to chairs and tables to set up the event. Student groups are responsible for setting up and taking down any furnishings they require for their event.

If you have AV needs for your event, please reach out to the AV coordinator at least 72 hours before your event. Last-minute requests may not be honored.