Room Reservations

Please note: room reservations are suspended for 2020-2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back in the future for updates.


If you have questions about general space reservation policies or about a specific reservation that is not covered here, please contact the House Administrator at

Starting for Fall 2019, Leverett House room reservations will be managed using RoomBook. Students affiliated with Leverett House will see two reservation templates on their home page "Leverett House Rooms" and "Leverett House - Library Theater". The "Leverett House Rooms" template allows students to reserve the Janulis Common Room, the Light Court Common Room, the F-Hutch, and the G-Hutch, and the "Leverett House - Library Theater" allows students to request reservations of the Library theater. Below we will outline the space policies and reservation requirements for each protocol.
Other spaces in the house (such as the JCR, Rabbit Hole, Dining Hall, Light Court) are not generally reservable by students, and such reservations must generally be for house-wide events. If you are interested in reserving one of these spaces for a house-wide event, please reach out to the applicable house tutor or staff member for such event.

General Reservation Policies

  • Students may request usage of the Library Theater 30 days in advance. All use of the Library Theater must be approved by the house. Students should wait until they receive confirmation for a reservation before promoting an event for the Library Theater. Reservations must be submitted *at least* 48 hours in advance to ensure you receive a confirmation on your reservation.
  • Students may reserve usage of the Janulis Room, Light Court Common Room, the F-Hutch, and G-Hutch 7 days in advance.
  • Space reservations are only allowed Sunday-Thursday from 8am-11pm and Friday-Saturday from 8am-8pm. Room usage is not allowed to continue after a booked time, nor after the space is closed for the day.
  • All spaces are only allowed to be reserved by a student or student group once per day. Using multiple students to reserve longer than the stated time limits (3hrs for Library Theater, 2hrs for all other spaces) is not allowed. Repeated bookings by a small number of students may limit this, please be conscientious of your fellow students.
  • All space requests and reservations are subject to discretion by the house, for reasons including suitability for the residential environment and community. If you have questions please contact the House Administrator at
  • All space reservations are subject to cancellation by the house, tutor on call, or security guard at any time. By reserving a space you agree to be respectful of and cooperate with house staff. Their word overrides any reservation in RoomBook.

General Usage Responsibilities

  • All of the following policies are the liability and responsibility of the person who makes the space reservation, up to and including term billing and loss of space privileges.
  • Designating a student group or another individual as the primary contact for the event does not shift this responsibility. By making a reservation you agree to be liable for the event happening in the space, and agree you will be present for the entire event.
  • Damage or unusual wear and tear on spaces is a significant burden on the house. Damage to the spaces is not allowed, and will result in term billing and loss of space privileges.
  • If you arrive to a space and find damage or other misuse of space (left food, mess, etc.) please report this immediately to the Building Manager Mohamed Zaker (

Space Usage Policies

  • The Library Theater is a unique resource available uniquely to the Leverett House community. In order to maintain this resource for the community, requests for the Library Theater will be evaluated on the suitability for the space as well as need for the Library Theater as compared to other house spaces.
  • Events in the Library Theater should not have food beyond standard refreshments, it is not suitable for meals. Other house spaces are suitable for meals, including the Janulis Room and Light Court Conference Room! Please clean up after any meals/food, as food or trays left behind after events is not allowed and a burden to the maintenance staff.
  • Parties are not allowed to occur in any space reserved through RoomBook. This includes any event that will serve alcohol or food, play loud music, or have dimmed lights (as examples). If you would like to use a space for such an event, please reach out to Building Manager Mohamed Zaker ( or G-Hutch Party Coordinator Chris Cleveland.

Event Assistance

  • If you have space setup needs for the Library Theater, please reach out to Building Manager Mohamed Zaker ( at least 72 hours before your event. Paul will be able to give you access to chairs and tables to set up the event. Student groups are responsible for setting up and taking down any furnishings they require for their event.
  • If you have AV needs for your event please reach out to AV coordinator at least 72 hours before your event. Last-minute requests may not be honored.

Space Details

  • Please note that the F-Hutch contains the house mail room. Reservation of this space allows use of it for meetings or group events, however students are allowed to and will still come in and out to check their mail. If this is a problem please reserve a different space.

Arts Residencies

The Library Theater is a state-of-the-art space with a light board and sound system designed for artistic performances. Interested in hosting such an event? Please fill out the attached form for Spring 2020 residencies. Applications are due by 11:59pm January 12th, 2020 to,

We look forward to having a variety of artistic residencies in the Library Theater!