Religion, Ethics, and Spirituality (REST)

As your Religion, Ethics, and Spirituality Tutors (REST), we strive to foster a community of religious understanding and to support Leverett students in integrating their intellectual and spiritual lives. We work to nurture an environment in which spiritual difference is respected and engaged, not just tolerated.
This manifests itself in many ways, including providing resources within and beyond the University, supporting students one-on-one, helping the House in its commitment to religious pluralism, hosting events, and assisting student religious and spiritual groups at Leverett.

If you are interested in organizing religion and spirituality events and activities at Leverett, consider joining the Leverett REST Council.

Do not hesitate to contact any of your Religion, Ethics, and Spirituality Tutors should you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk!
Helpful resources:
Harvard Chaplains (36 chaplains representing 25 of the world’s traditions)
Emergency and non-emergency 24/7 on-call Harvard Chaplain number is 617-879-8365
The Memorial Church, Harvard Yard
World Religions in Greater Boston, a resource maintained by the Pluralism Project of Harvard University