Health and Wellness

As your Wellness Tutors, we are here to help you live a balanced life and address any wellness-related concerns and questions you may have. We work closely with UHS and Leverites from wellness-oriented student groups to bring you things like healthy study breaks, meditation workshops, and various other wellness events throughout the year. Please scroll down the page for more information about Wellness events and resources at Leverett. Most importantly, we are here for you. Please reach out to us anytime with any questions, concerns, suggestions, or just to chat. We look forward to helping you live well!

Lev love and good health,

Your Wellness Tutors (Hailey, Franckie, Mona)

Lev Wellness Resources

Lev Gym: The Leverett Gym, a.k.a. Rabbit Run, is located on the ground floor of G-Tower. All Leverites have automatic ID card access to the gym (please see Mohamed Zaker, the Leverett Building Manager, if you have trouble with your gym access). The gym is located on the ground floor of G-Tower. The two-room facility is open 24/7. The gym is equipped with two TVs with Comcast cable, a bathroom with shower, a water fountain, and fans. Contact the gym tutor (Norma Hylton) for more info.

Free Condoms: Working with the Wellness Educator (Eneda Kulla), we offer pop-up events where you can access free condoms and other sex supplies. Furthermore, all three wellness tutors have extra supplies should you need them. 

Wellness Study Breaks: Your Wellness Tutors organize a number of Wellness study breaks throughout the year. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for study break themes!

Free COVID-19 Antigen tests: You can get free at home COVID-19 tests delivered to you by using Express Scripts Pharmacy

College-Wide Wellness Resources

Peer Resources

Student Organizations

Peer Counseling

  • Contact Sex, gender and sexuality. 617-495-8111
  • ECHO Body image and eating concerns.617-495-8200
  • PCC Contraception and pregnancy. 617-495-7561
  • Response Relationships and sexual assault. 617-495-9600
  • Room 13 General topics. 617-495-4969